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500mg Full Spectrum 
500mg RAW 


These are 10ml vials that contain about 250 drops.


* 500mg:

This consists of a very high cbd and a high thc content > 500mg THC & 140mg CBD.


This oil is a real must for a good night's sleep for those with sleeping problems. It also works pain-relieving with a lot of pain.


*Full spectrum:

This oil works almost instantly and needs less time to be absorbed into the body, due to the acids that are still in this oil. Perfect oil for immediate results.

(complaints such as migraine, rheumatism, arthritis, chronic pain by for example Lyme disease).



Cannabis oil is usually made very warm, and therefore a number of cannabis acids are converted, which is called decarboxylation. However, these acids can also have biological effects in themselves. THC acid, THC acid (THCA) is biologically active, and some scientists point out that unheated Cannabis preparations might have obvious benefits.


Unheated cannabis may also have additional properties in the area of ​​immune modulation.


Because this oil is RAW and not heated, all good acids have been preserved and this oil is very suitable for complaints to the entire organ system. And for people with a very low resistance.


The strongest oil I have in stock is 900 mg THC & 100 mg CBD equal to the Rick Simpson cure, only it is prepared in a different way, leaving more acids from the plant and you have an even purer product. And another important detail is that the oil is not so sharp and hardly burns in the throat, making it easier to take. More than 88% THC.


This oil is widely used by people who have cancer.

Do you want to come in a short period to the amount of THC as Rick Simpson prescribes you can also take a cure of capsules or suppositories, you build this up with 40 mg capsules and if your body is accustomed you can continue with the 80 mg capsules and then to 100 mg and if the body is accustomed to 200 mg capsules. After the cure you can use the 900mg oil as a maintenance dose.

Please note that in addition, a high CBD oil takes the 10% or 25% to prevent any high.

Besides the oil I also have capsules with a high THC concentrate.

The capsules, are mainly used by people with tumors, migraine and cluster headaches. These capsules contain a lot of cannabidiol and are quickly absorbed by the body making it work faster.

These 80 mg capsules can also be used as the Rick Simpson cure because there is more than 80 mg of THC in each capsule

D-Carp Capsules, these work almost the same as the normal capsules, but have a long-lasting effect because they are 1:1 mixed with gedecarboniseerd and full spectrum THC, here they are very suitable for organs, but also against inflammation, asthma/COPD and Rheumatism.


D-Carp Capsules


The D-Carp capsules are mainly intended in people with disorders to the organs/nervous system or chronic inflammation. They also have an analgesic effect



The best result is achieved by taking the THC in combination with CBD.