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Usage Instructions THC Oil:

Always start shaking before use! Shake so well for 1 minute so that the THC / CBD that has fallen to the bottom can mix with the olive oil / oil again. If mixing does not work well, you can heat the bottle in a cup of hot water and then shake well.
Keep the oil in a cool and dark place, for example the refrigerator. That's how he can take a year! If you do not use the oil daily, put it in the fridge then it will be good for years.

Learning to dose THC:
Always take the drop under the tongue. Always do this for the mirror so you can see what's falling under the tongue. What you can do is a drop on your hand or drop in a teaspoon and then lick, but best is equal under the tongue and let it soak in for about 10 to 15 minutes. It will work around 4-5 hours.
If you take the thc oil for the first time, the oil can work less quickly, sometimes only after a few hours. You should find out what works best for you, one or more times a day. Begin with 1 drop at a time and take a drop of the following day with insufficient effect. Increase the number of drops daily until the desired effect is reached (that is, until you (pain) reduce complaints) or become 'kind of high'. If you get high is that your upper limit, take a drop less then you will not be affected by it. Spread it on the day eg. In the morning drop, one afternoon and evening 1. If you then increased again do your evening two, one morning, afternoon, continuing until you have found the right dosage. . Start with increasing in the evening!
This is because you often do not have to go outside and take a close look at what the effect is of the increas.
Before sleeping you can take 2 to 3 drops extra.

Become high (THC)
Chances of getting high from the oil are small if you just start quietly. If you do not get high, do not want to say that the oil is not working! This does not work like a joint that makes you mega stoned. You can get a little euphoric. But if you get high with cotton oil, this is a loom and sloom feeling, an excess of relaxation, very different from smoking, much less fierce, you always keep control. You usually do not get hallucinations that are stories associated with excessive smoking. If you smoke cannabis, the burning of new THC causes the euphoria. This oil is made with butane and is therefore not heated and carbonized
But again, with oil there is a chance that you will be so stoned. You should also see it as a medicine and not as a means of getting high. If you want that feeling, you can better create a joint. Oil is purely meant for medicine and it should be treated as well.
If you are getting high with oil, there is nothing more to do than take out the ride. Sit on the couch, watch TV, do whatever it takes, after a few hours everything is over and you will not notice anything else. You can also drink some sweet drinks such as fruit juice or sugar water that seems to reduce the effect. If you have CBD oil at hand, take some drops, this can quickly reduce the high effect. Do not use medication or tranquilizers to stop the high that does not help. Remember,
cannabis (and therefore the oil) is non-toxic, non-addictive or harmful, there is never anyone deceased on the use of cannabis in 10,000 years, just stay calm.

For questions you can always email me.