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Thanks for the fast shipment.
I'm already enjoying it, less pain (at night with a beer).
Greeting j

Good afternoon,
Fantastic news about the use of the oil.
The person in question has been able to sleep for the first time in months.

Problems with rheumatism and broken tailbone.
I received a very grateful response, so I pass it on to them.


Just an update. I immediately noticed a difference in pain level after half an hour of 1 drop. 5 drops to sleep were too much. Have slept well, that's nice dreams, not sleep or nightmares, but have been so loose all day afterwards. The next day 2 drops every 4h because after 4h-4h30, the pain continues again. 3 sleep drops were then too few. So tonight 4 try 😄

I have given that girlfriend with severe facial pain by 4 jaw surgery in 1 year also 2 drops. It takes 4 to 6 morphine pills and still severe pain relief. One hour later, I received a message: It's bearable! Would it really ??
Then I accidentally encountered an ex-colleague who also has back problems and smokes daily. Her also given 1 drop. And I got the same response! I thought it was between my ears ... but as 2 other skeptics encountered the same thing, I know now that it helps!

I have both forwarded them to the site I contacted you but they were given another person. She does not understand the explanation of that person about yours ... can I pass on your email address to them?

Thank you very much! And soon for a new order! I suppose 50/50 is heavier and I can reduce the dose? Or is my reasoning incorrect?


Package inside, and it hit right away!
First taken 1 drop, waiting for an hour, I was relaxed and sloom, but felt very good.
Then the 2nd, and lie half an hour later.
After half an hour, "I can sleep now or not", I fell asleep a week, woke up a second, and then muddy.
No side effects, no strange feeling, no thorn in my stomach, I'm so happy!
Really, this is a lifesaver, I was really at one point that I did not really know what to do with my insomnia. It was a fight against being addicted to pills every few hours, or just a few hours sleep of exhaustion.
Super thank you, and you'll see me appear again, finally the solution, I had to do it a lot sooner.
Greet uut Grunn

Well received the package.
It starts slowly and I am very grateful.
Thank you and have a nice Sunday.

I slept for the first time in 4 years. THANK YOU
Take from drops since 2010
That is a morphine, opium derivative.
But after years I'm on the max, 5 x 40 drops.
Now with oil and very few drops, pain at night is also gone,
can just sleep now.

Normally, I'll sleep up to 2 hours
at 12 pm went to sleep and woke up at 2 o'clock at night.
Feel clear and excited.


Good day
Thank you for a very clear explanation of color. The oil I bought in the past also tasted a lot stronger, a real
cannabis flavor was on it and if the bottle had a while, there was a kind of killing in the bottom of the bottle, then think it was leafy.

Thanks for the compensation and see the bottle to meet. Also very pleased with the result, started 2 drops in the evening and after 30 minutes I felt better to relax my shoulders and back. Also, the cramp in my tibial muscle  had disappeared faster.



Hello Wiet,
Meanwhile, my father in law has contacted you
and ordered a bottle of 1: 9.
The results are still very "special" for the moment ...
He started with
cannabis oil after diagnosis on my advice. First the 50/50 which I ordered with you because he has never had anything with cannabis
used and a high experiance was undesirable and after a short period he himself ordered the 1: 9 with you. Last week there was another scan of him made and is likely to reveal the problem for which he actually went to the doctor; his stomach does not work anymore (the peristaltic).
However, the tumor was not found on the scan last week. My brother who works in the medical field (anesthesiology) immediately told me after hearing my father-in-law story that it regularly happens that a tumor or other cancer form to be found as a sort of by-catch.
Probably this has been such a case. In addition, he is still under treatment of the oncology center, and it is also normal, but the result is, of course, very special!
I J.